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With licence number MI 01685 Autotrasporti Luterotti is authorised to transport:

  • generic, biomasses, wood, woodchips, sawdust and compost
  • non-hazardous special waste produced by a third party belonging to waste category 4A
  • hazardous special waste produced by a third party belonging to waste category 5F
  • transport of municipal waste and the like belonging to waste category 1B

We are authorised to transport over 200.000 tons of waste per year.

Autotrasporti Luterotti owns a large vehicle fleet offering customers a high quality service.

Luterotti fleet consists in 41 tractor trailers, 45 self-supporting piano mobile semitrailers (92 m³ and 100 m³), 1 tipping semitrailers, the vehicles are all recent. Their efficiency is mandatory, therefore Luterotti provides for a scheduled maintenance programme together with a satellite system assisting in the optimisation of work performance by means of an instant messaging by a display which has been installed in the vehicles.

In order to provide their customers with a high quality service, Autotrasporti Luterotti is very much concerned with human resources training on safety issues: all of the employees, including drivers as well as white-collar workers, are trained and thus qualified to their tasks.

Autotrasporti Luterotti owns comfortable operational and administration department offices as well as a large parking area to shelter its vehicles not far away from the offices.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information about our Company, our services and our vehicle fleet you might need:

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