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Integrated quality and environment policy

AUTOTRASPORTI LUTEROTTI ANTONIO Management is committed to pursue an integrated quality and environment policy which focuses on customer satisfaction, on environment protection as well as on continuous improvement.


  • customer satisfaction shall be met:
    1. by offering and adapting all of the company processes to every customer’s special needs, both the implicit and the explicit ones, granting for high quality services thanks to qualified manpower and effective facilities;
    2. through a functional and well structured organization system;
    3. and by monitoring the customer satisfaction rating compared to the supplied services.
  • the company continuous improvement is pursued with a constant research for operational solutions so as to improve services and internal performances;
  • the environment protection is pursued by:
    1. respecting the applicable regulations and any possible voluntary provisions;
    2. preventing pollution with the periodical renewal of the company vehicle fleet and the optimization of service scheduling;
    3. auditing the company processes related to environmental impacts and training on emergency management.

In order to fulfill this policy in the best possible way, since 2010 AUTOTRASPORTI LUTEROTTI ANTONIO has been implementing and mantaining a documented Integrated Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 standards.

In this regard the Company Management is committed to ensure that the Integrated Management System is carried out, maintained, and monitored in the course of time in compliance with the above mentioned standards: it also intends to use it to aim Autotrasporti Luterotti’s organization at continuous improvement..

In particular, the goals concerning service improvement and the indicators of process monitoring are annually set and periodically verified by the Company Management during the Integrated System Audit.

AUTOTRASPORTI LUTEROTTI ANTONIO believes it is essential to share the quality and environmental standards mentioned above and expects everyone in the company to work according to what is described in the documentation of the Integrated Management System.

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